Monthly Archives: August 2009

New toy


Today I bought myself a new toy: I upgraded to the Live 8 Suite. Consign me to being a hermit. I don’t need to go out anymore.

Although I’m at risk of only seriously using a fraction of what this app can do, I’m totally in awe of what’s on offer.

AR example: levelHead


This is neat. It’s a prototype of things to come. Watch the video to see it in action.

Using a webcam is one way to view this. Another way would be a VR headset with stereo cameras that augment what you see. VR-assisted AR if you will. Something in between is the smartphone approach, where the image is overlaid on the continuous image from the built-in camera. This is here now, for example with the iPhone 3GS.

And via Owen, AR as marketing, this time from Mattel.

Kaleidoscope: 10 takes on FluidDB


Now this is interesting. It’s the semantic web opened up to all, by another name, but FluidDB is effectively a giant, social triple store.  There will be duplication, conflict, and confusion of course, but that’s the real world, inhabited by us imperfect beings, and software, like us, needs to be able to deal with it, and turn data into information into knowledge.

Some more comments on applications for FluidDB by Filip Dousek.