Monthly Archives: May 2010

Latest muzak

<p>It's been a while. So, by "popular" request...</p>
Kaito: Trust
Melodic, progressive techno, with a mid-90s trance feel. For sunny weekends only.
The Black Dog: Further Vexations
Dark, moody, beat-driven electronica with moments of subtle beauty. It’s a long way from 1993-era Bytes.  
B12: Archive Volume 7
This, however, is not a long way from 1993.  Remixes and unreleased material from one of my favourite early-Warp era bands. There are also volumes 1-6 to buy if you’re a B12 completist.
B12: Last Days of Silence
No-one told me they released a new album in 2008.  Still square wave basses but heavier beats.
The Black Dog: Music for Real Airports
Soundtrack to a multimedia installation, and a much improved response to Brian Eno’s seminal ambient yawn from the 70s.
Extrawelt: Schöne Neue Extrawelt
Minimal German tech-house. Klar.
The Faun: Ninety Eight LP
Mad dubstep. At night, up loud.

Today’s list

Today’s list of 10 things…

  • Peak-hour traffic in the rain
  • Pan-fried mushrooms
  • Sales vs delivery
  • Five Dials
  • Precision and clarity in writing
  • Caramello chocolate
  • Blu Mar Ten
  • High-neck jumpers
  • Feedly
  • Photos of fog

Observations. Your mileage may vary.