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Cover image Pariah: Safehouses EP (2010)
Progressive dubstep, this EP (from R&S, remember them?) has elements of house, d&b, and electronica that conspire in a good way. Confusingly, Pariah is not to be confused with the other Pariah, who used to hang out with Bukem. Discogs link
Cover image Underworld: Barking (2010)
Reviewed loads elsewhere. It’s Underworld doing what they do, with some production assistance to give a slightly fresh edge. Easily digested. Sing along in the car. Safe for your friends. Discogs link
Cover image Porcupine Tree: The Incident (2009)
Yes, prog rock. One of Steven Wilson’s band is a keyboardists’ keyboardist: Richard Barbieri, and so out of respect I give them a listen. I think Deadwing is a better album, this one drags a little. Fancy time signatures, light and shade, clever guitar, and deep-felt lyrics are par for the course. Best track is the single, Time Flies. Drummer Gavin Harrison is one of the best too. Rock on.Discogs link
Cover image Technasia: Central (2010)
Tech-house lite. Pleasant enough. Music for coding. Discogs link
Cover image Phaeleh: Fallen Light (2010)
Intelligent, sometimes delicate dubstep, also verging on the “progressive”, with subtle vocal samples and tech-house influence. Discogs link

Cover image Loscil: Endless Falls (2010)
On a strong tip from Alastair, no regrets with this one. As the cover suggests, deep moody electronica for indulgent listening. Discogs link
Cover image Sensual Physics: Boundary of Set (2010)
High-quality tech-house. This guy has form. Discogs link
Cover image Tycho: Past is Prologue (2006)
It’s Boards of Canada all over again but without the darker side. Lo-fi, gentle tinkliness with a bit of quirk. Rainy afternoons with a good book. Discogs link
Cover image V/A: New Blood (Med School 2010)
Still digesting this lot. Mainly dark, dubby, d&b-influenced electronica, from new artists on the Hospital Records offshoot label. If this is the future of electronica, I’m in. Discogs link