Monthly Archives: November 2011

Goodbye Android

<p>I&#39;ve made the decision to give up on my Android phone and have ordered an iPhone 4S. My HTC Desire is 18 months old. It is a nicely-engineered phone, with decent battery life, good screen, and is fast enough, but I&#39;m tired of its limitations. The last OS update was to Fro-Yo a year ago, and there are no prospects of it ever being upgraded again. The limited onboard RAM means I can&#39;t install any more apps, and each incremental update to the existing ones only eats more memory, often forcing me to remove yet another app from my ever-decreasing list, despite the ability to store many (but not all) apps on the SD card. There are also intermittent issues with the 3G data connectivity that make it frustratingly unresponsive at critical times. </p> <p><img src="" alt="HTC Desire" /></p> <p>Android isn&#39;t bad either; it&#39;s fully-featured, and has good sharing options and a decent app base, but the UI is a little under-baked, it encourages an inconsistent user experience in apps, and the OS leaks through too often. Google integration, while good, isn&#39;t so compelling any more, in a large part due to the diminishing gap in innovation in its cloud-centric apps.</p> <p>Compare that to my 12-month old iPad 1 that I type this on. It still gets updated OS versions, and even with 16GB has enough RAM to buy new apps. In contrast, no point my getting interested in new Android apps. </p> <p>In iOS land Siri isn&#39;t yet a must-have but it will certainly improve, and iCloud will start replacing an amount of the Google cloud. The iPhone will play nicely with all my other Apple gear, and although I worry about lock-in to the Apple ecosystem, it&#39;s the best technology in town and the aesthetic works. Sorry, Google and HTC. You need to sweat the small stuff more.</p> <p><br /></p>