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  1. randomphrase

    Lots of overlap here with my recent muzak. I’m enjoying Deadbeat, Blu Mar Ten and Extrawelt a lot. Agree on the BMT release though – not as strong as the previous one.I’ve also been going back a couple of years for recent purchases.For some reason The Message passed me by and I ended up with the previous Planetary Assault Systems release titled Temporary Suspension. Damn hard techno assault, a bit repetitive but still highly enjoyable. Gets me pumped at the gym.Couple of years old now, but new to me: Mark Prichard’s Harmonic 313 album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence. The abstract dubstep/hiphop with weird spelling game samples is really doing it for me.Can’t recommend Thomas Fehlmann’s Gute Luft enough. Dub techno bordering on ambient. Very teutonic but also very addictive.Anyway thanks for the recommendations, I’ll certainly add some of those to the wishlist.


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