Monthly Archives: July 2012

More muzak

It’s been a while since the last reviews, so herewith some musical recommendations from the last six months, with links to Beatport…

ASC: The Gradient Project

ASC has a drum&bass background but has headed more recently into techno territory. This is a 3-track EP of deep house and techno that works nicely but doesn’t particularly have any stand-out themes or motifs. More muzak than active listening.

Method One: Symbol #5

However, on the same label is this release from Method One: a four-track EP of what I would call deep dubtech. Love it. Lots of atmosphere with distinctive touches. Track 3 is a stand-out of lush dubby tech.

ollo: Ape Delay

70s/80s analogue synths and rhythms is the theme of local act ollo. Quirky, melodic, and slightly melancholy, this is their best yet. Friends of mine, and so they let me attempt a couple of remixes that will see the light of day sometime.

SCSI-9: Metamorphosis

High-quality deep lounge tech-house (lounge-tech?) from the Russians. Some with vocals, all with groove.

Various artists: Commercial Suicide

Drum. Bass. A chocolate box of soft and hard centres including artists such as Calibre, Klute, Seba, and Dom & Roland. Turn it up.

Various artists: Elektrax Recordings: (Best of 2011)

From DJ Hi-Shock’s flourishing techno label this is classic dark and edgy 4-4 techno. Best listened to loud and pumped in a dark underground club. I make do with headphones and my eyes closed, but it’s not quite the same.

John Tejada: Parabolas

Bleepy, smooth electro, tech-house, and electronica from a prolific and experienced guy. You know what to expect.

Lone: Galaxy Garden

I like classifying things, but I struggle with this stuff from Lone and friends. Not clubby enough to be house, not 4-4 enough to be techno, not precise enough to be tech-house, not bassy enough to be to d&b, not smooth enough to be lounge. My closest label would be jazzy electronica, but not in a naff way. Think Ian O’Brien, older 4 Hero, and Blasta. Bright and sparkly, keeps moving, with warm major 7th pads everywhere.


A couple of older tracks re-discovered. Best appreciated in full, with video.