Monthly Archives: February 2013

Muzak update

In my Latest Muzak I neglected another recent album…

John Talabot: Fin


This is a slightly older one, dating from early 2012, but I only picked it up recently. It’s intelligent slow-ish house with a smooth euro groove, a bit of tasteful female vocal, and lush production. The opening track is an excellent slow burn groover, but the standout for me is the second track Destiny with Pional on vocals.

Audio appendix

If you care about such things, I’ve moved my blog over to a self-hosted WordPress site. All went smoothly, including the importing of all the content from Posterous. Lovely. Very impressed. Should have done it years ago. Then I needed to get an on-page audio player. After a few attempts, I ended up with MP3-jPlayer, which not only starts in HTML5 and degrades into native players or even (ugh) Flash, but provides some decent styling options as well.

Latest muzak

Layo & Bushwacka!: Rising and Falling


More stripped-back and focused on deeper tech-house than previous releases. Moody, with some darker bits, and a couple of vocal tracks. Superb production, often danceable, all excellent. My favourite from the last few months, and I’m not done listening to it yet.

Deadbeat: Eight


This seems more of a collection of tracks than a coherent album, comprising (unsurprisingly) eight atmospheric dubstep tracks, with more emphasis on the dub than the techno. It’s not as accessible as Drawn & Quartered from 2011, so it’s taking me some time to get into it. My vote is still out.

Chymera: Death by Misadventure


Melodic tech-house from May 2012. Not much to say. Very listenable, with some jazz, blues, and soul influences. A bit of vocals here and there too. Nice.

Photek: Ku:Palm


I like Photek but this is a patchy release. There are some good tracks (Pyramid) but also a few that just don’t fit with the post-d&b bass-heavy vibe where I think he does his best stuff. Personally, I’d like to see more of his delicately restrained anger. We have plenty to be angry about.

Brian Eno: Lux


The master returns with more impressionist ambience, again on Warp Records. Read the interview with Laurie Anderson on the background to it, and creativity in general. A suitable backdrop for a rainy afternoon’s contemplation of one’s infinitesimally small place in the universe.

Max Cooper


I seem to need regular fixes of Max Cooper’s organic deep tech-house right now. Fortunately he posts free mixes and live sets regularly to SoundCloud so new material is never far away. I even have an IFTTT workflow to notify me of new tracks. Yay, cloud.



Ambient techno is not dead. Solitude (UK) does regular “mixtapes” to Soundcloud with plenty of lie-on-the-floor-with-headphones mixes called “5am mix” and so on. It’s mostly ambient dubstep; Burial is a favourite inclusion.