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  1. Alastair

    Good stuff as always. I have some of the older L&B! albums, and for whatever reason I just don’t listen to them very much any more. From a brief listen, the new one sounds good, though as you say darker than previous efforts.

    I’m getting more annoyed with beatport these days. Their downloader is Adobe AIR crap which I just couldn’t get to work despite many attempts to delete/reinstall. Ended up downloading each track individually, grr.

    Also they have a habit of stuffing up the metadata, insisting on appending “(Original Mix)” to most of the song titles, more manual effort to clean up.

    Lastly they support lossless, but absolutely gouge on the price. I’ll pay a few bucks more but $12.50 extra I will not. The L&B! album in WAV is $21.99, just ridiculous in this day and age…

    Anyway thanks also for the music recommendations. For what it’s worth I’ve been listening to headphonecommute podcasts and associated recommendations.


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