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Latest muzak

<p>It's been a while. So, by "popular" request...</p>
Kaito: Trust
Melodic, progressive techno, with a mid-90s trance feel. For sunny weekends only.
The Black Dog: Further Vexations
Dark, moody, beat-driven electronica with moments of subtle beauty. It’s a long way from 1993-era Bytes.  
B12: Archive Volume 7
This, however, is not a long way from 1993.  Remixes and unreleased material from one of my favourite early-Warp era bands. There are also volumes 1-6 to buy if you’re a B12 completist.
B12: Last Days of Silence
No-one told me they released a new album in 2008.  Still square wave basses but heavier beats.
The Black Dog: Music for Real Airports
Soundtrack to a multimedia installation, and a much improved response to Brian Eno’s seminal ambient yawn from the 70s.
Extrawelt: Schöne Neue Extrawelt
Minimal German tech-house. Klar.
The Faun: Ninety Eight LP
Mad dubstep. At night, up loud.

iPad music apps


Some of the planned iPad music apps like thisthis and this look great.  Sure, there are other tablets out there, but, like iPhone apps, no-one is devoting the energy to doing ones that look and feel like these. Yet another reason why I think the iPad will be a both game changer, and successful, and not just for music.