Nanoscope was a project during 2012 to write a (short-ish) track a week using the Nanostudio app on the iPad and post them to a blog. A copy of the introduction is here.

With the demise of Posterous, the current Nanoscope page will disappear, so here are the sequential blog entries. All files were mixed down on the iPad and have only had their levels normalised before uploading.


First complete track built on Nanostudio, and a test for the workflow that ends up here.

Play compound

deep wood

I’ve been productive, so this week’s track is going up early. It’s early 90’s Reload/Global Communication style.

Play deep wood


I’m slightly ahead of schedule on this one. It would have been up earlier but I wanted to add a found sound. It ended up being sampled from the TV through the microphone, lo-fi style.

The track is a light techno number. Still experimenting with the synthesiser engine and the overall output levels. It is what it is. Onwards and upwards.

Play rhodamine


A little slice of electronica. CR78 drums and distorted SH-101 bass, for those who care about analogue.

Play ballet

yellow flower

Another tech-house item, but more at the house end. Still getting my groove on with this app.

Play yellow flower

casual blue

A more ambient piece that uses the digital grittiness of the big reverb patches.

Play casual blue


A heavier techno track, with a mule-like kick and an acid groove.

Play pandemic

the evaluation

This is a 2-minute cover of a favourite electro track that I first heard on the Abstract Funk Theory compilation CD by Circulation. The track was released by Voice Stealer, aka Carl Finlow. I don’t pretend it to be a perfect copy, but it captures most of what I like about it in a compact form, and as an exercise in creating a more complex track in Nanostudio. I strongly recommend the original nine minute version on Carl’s Bandcamp site.

Play the evaluation


An obligatory 170bpm drum&bass track. Not a lot of work went into this one, but I had a laff doing it.

Play flora


A short trip into the tech-lounge, and a shot of something strong.

Play cheaper


This is a much-shortened version of a semi-ambient piece I wrote a long time ago called Luminous Sands of Time. It was released on a couple of compilation CDs and even played live to a pub of backpackers and hippies in a NSW coastal town along with some drum&bass on a Creative Vibes promotional gig with Soup, and Sleek the Elite. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Play luminous


Another little slice of electronica.

Play space

crimson triad

A brief ambient interlude.

Play crimson triad


A couple of days late, so bad me. As for the track, it’s noisy breaks style, perhaps a bit rushed.

Play species

modern room

Latest track, hot off the iPad.

Play modern room

No more tracks for now. This is mostly because I’m working on some remixes using the grown-up system. It’s been fun, however. 15 short tracks in a few different styles. Nanostudio is an excellent app, and I hope to do more with it.
If you like this stuff, then check out the grown-up stuff at Soundcloud.

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